In the human species it spans thousands of millennia and it only really comes down to one thing. How much life are we willing to expend to protect our territorial prerogative?
The answer evidently, is whatever it takes. You can see the meat-hunting bonding of a troop of chimpanzees, all males on the hunt. This reaffirms the societal glue that holds them together. Plus the brain – building power of protein. This bonding is territorial and is the basis of the human ape. None of our cultures has progressed beyond that. It’s always our country versus their country. Our tree versus their tree. This is us. You could put this into the context of a city or a forest. It will always be the same reaction pattern.
Can we overcome this? Can we overcome the basic programming of using up every bit of the environment, every bit of the food supply to secure our own survival? Even though that concept can only build to the point of all of our own obliteration. Are we doomed and in so doing bring down and cause all of the other beautiful species that live with us to die also? Some points to consider. Could this be fixed by us turning into a totally agricultural society with the strict caveat of controlling our numbers? An agricultural society that doesn’t use poisons to grow its food. An agricultural society that is not based on, in our case, the Wall Street agenda. Which is the God of profit. Are we capable of this, and as a society, keep in check those that have mastered to a degree the ability and the want to use money as a weapon to get their way instead of a club in the forest. Not a spear, but the manoeuvring of clever manipulation of monetary power as a weapon. As the upper level of pendants has now put it, a weapon of mass destruction. Which is really a weapon of mass manipulation.

As a species, we have the need to take as many bananas under our armpits as we can carry. Now we have houses and buildings and apartment complexes and military buildups and land. And then more land. And people like the mild super rich to the aggressive super rich. The not so great gap between Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump. Still all together enmeshed and winding down to chewing up and spitting out and wasting small and precious resources to the detriment of all. Including, in the not so long run, themselves. Look at these words and now, quietly, yourselves.

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